Virtuelles Zukunftslabor

Digital youth club for the Junge Burg in Münster

Digitale Workshopreihe

Preparing young people digitally for the future.

As part of the Center for Literature - Burg Hülshoff's online program Digitale Burg, we developed a series of sequential workshops for young people with previous digital knowledge.
The workshops dealt with the future of digital cultural techniques and, with the involvement of experts, conveyed relevant skills for these futures.

Only a face filter that I have programmed myself is a good face filter.

Young people in Germany spend an average of more than 10 hours a day online. Young people with a high online presence are the most important suppliers of the economically extremely valuable resource: data. At the same time, they are developing new narratives with new digital cultural techniques in ever shorter evolutionary steps. With this workshop series, the Center for Literature - Burg Hülshoff and the Studio for Infinite Possibilities succeeded in doing justice to both aspects: not only was the highest value placed on setting up the digital infrastructure ethically and in terms of data security, but the political and personal consequences of digital activity were also specifically addressed in each workshop. Topics included the design and independent programming of three-dimensional learning spaces on Mozilla Hubs, the programming of own face filters, the use of text-generating neural networks and the analysis of already used face recognition algorithms.

Project management Digital Castle: Jenny Bohn; Dominik Renneke
Concept and workshop implementation: Gloria Schulz and Julian Kamphausen
Facefilter Workshop: Alla Pop

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