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Online conference

What power structures exist in digital theater?
Fortunately, there are now many events on the practical application of digital tools and the aesthetic formulation of digital formats. Therefore, at this year's Performersion we want to go in search of the power structures in digital theater and look behind aesthetics and practice.

Many performative formats have now been realized in the digital space. But what is the least talked about?
Are the ownership and property relations of digital platforms and art products already thought through in a similarly structured way as the analysis of cultural production in physical space, which has been routinized for years? If the gate-keeping power of juror:ing and venue management is less present in digital spaces, who is in front of these digital access points? How is the role of digital curators changing? Is the utopian interpretation correct that performing artists now become self-determined broadcasters of their own art in self-chosen, secure spaces? Who earns from all the video recordings that have been put online and other online formats? How many exploitation rights have been unwittingly ceded to tech corporations because the terms and conditions are incomprehensible? And what factors need to be considered in the quest for fair representation on digital stages?

In order to hear answers to these questions and to develop approaches, we have invited experts for discussions, workshops and lectures. Among them were the new deputy chairwoman of the Bundestag's Digital Affairs Committee, MP Anna Kassautzki, the head of the Technology Foundation's Network and Cooperations department, the artistic director of the Mannheim National Theater, curator Jeanne Charlotte Vogt, numerous artists such as alla popp. Janne Kummer, Luna Nane, the curator Jasmin Grimm, the head of the national competitions at the Berliner Festspiele Susanne Chrudina and many more.

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curation: Gloria Schulz, Julian Kamphausen
Production: Sarah Stührenberg
Production support: Belén Marinato
Guest management: Bridge Markland, Lukas Kleinert
Editing: Performing Arts Program Berlin