Inherited, idolized, forgotten? On the significance and transmission of literature as cultural heritage

Interactive touring exhibition in a virtual reality world with themed islands

VR Multiplayer

A collaboration with the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Literarischer Gesellschaften und Gedenkstätten (ALG). In the project "Inherited, idolized, forgotten? On the significance and transmission of literature as cultural heritage", a total of 23 projects from ALG member institutions were funded. Visitors were able to discover different aspects of literary heritage using digital, participatory formats and traditional event formats.
All of the funded projects are presented in various digital formats ranging from photos and videos to 360-degree recordings in the VR exhibition built by Studio für unendliche Möglichkeiten, in which visitors can perceive, explore and experience the funded projects at their own pace and based on their own areas of interest and receptivity.

The world in which visitors will find themselves together or alone in virtual reality consists of six islands to which you can fly on a swan. In addition to the main island, there are the five thematic islands “Cultural Heritage and Nation/Homeland”, “Cultural Heritage and Gender”, “Language and Cultural Identity”, “Difficult Heritage/Dark Heritage” and “Different Cultural Heritage in East and West”, visually designed to suit each theme. After you have become familiar with the controls, you can travel to the islands and gradually discover the projects that are located on the respective themed islands.

Visitors can put together the order of their visit themselves and go by content or formats that are particularly interesting to them - some may travel around on a swan for up to 45 minutes, others will focus on the audio formats, others will “just watch” and view pictures or video posts. Some will sink deep into the texture of an island and others will be particularly interested in the topic of language and cultural identity, for example, so they will spend most of their time there and either come back for or research the other projects. In particular, discovering together in the special atmosphere of a new cultural technology gives the content additional potential for impact. It simplifies participation and collaboration and thus creates new spaces for reflection for art and theory - and no matter how the individual experience ultimately turns out, what visitors will take away with them will be the motivation to take a closer look at the projects presented and presented in varying degrees of intensity.

The traveling exhibition can be experienced at various locations until June 2024. Further information can be found at Literaturerbe.

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