Angewandte Walk extended

"Angewandte Walk extended" is a mobile augmented reality app that revisits an almost forgotten chapter in the history of the Museum Angewandte Kunst in Frankfurt am Main.

Augmented Reality

"Angewandte Walk extended" is based on the 2020-21 web application "Angewandte Walk. It needs a new museum". Both offers tell about the work of the former and so far only director of the museum Dr. Annaliese Ohm and the webapp was published in German and English in 2021. The audio tour was expanded in 2022 to include Turkish and Russian, the most widely spoken languages in the Rhine-Main region after German and English. At the same time, a translation into easy language was developed to additionally reach people with intellectual disabilities, people with learning difficulties, people suffering from dementia, people with aphasia, prelingually deaf people and people with little knowledge of German. Furthermore, also in 2022, the Studio for Infinite Possibilities developed the AR extension "Angewandte Walk extended" as a stand-alone app, in which visitors to the museum can get new perspectives on the museum and its history - naturally with a focus on Dr. Annaliese Ohm - through various AR techniques. For example, it is possible to look into the past through augmented "windows", to become a curator yourself and arrange 3D objects in the museum's permanent exhibition, which is digitally enhanced by the app, to playfully relive breakthroughs made by Dr. Annaliese Ohm, and much more.

This app complements the audio tour, which tells of the work of the former director of today's Museum Angewandte Kunst, Dr. Annaliese Ohm. At that time, the building was still called the Museum für Kunsthandwerk, and Annaliese Ohm was the first and so far only woman to be director of the museum. She laid the foundation for many important later developments.
Until now, little was known about Annaliese Ohm - whether in the museum itself or outside it. The aim of this app is to introduce users to her work using augmented reality (AR) and to actively counteract the forgetting of powerful women in history.

Eight AR stations complement audio stations with different thematic focuses.

Five stations are located in the outdoor area of the Museum Angewandte Kunst. They are marked by signs with icons and QR codes on them. Three stations are located in the museum building itself. To experience these on site, a museum ticket is required.

The blue flags locate the stations on the map, while the icons depicted within provide clues to the content. The stations can be visited in any order; with GPS turned on, on-site navigation is possible. In addition, the app must be allowed to access the camera of the smartphone/tablet. However, the tour also works without GPS and camera access, and the audio files can be listened to at any location.

The info point with an overview map showing the individual stations is located in the museum's inner courtyard. It is marked with i on the map.

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